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The spirit

S p i 
r i t

For thirsty hearts & free spirits


The base of your cocktail or on the rocks, or even in your coffee? Gingerlo is the perfect blend. 

With a strong message and even stronger love for mother nature this golden drink already stole the heart of many.


For the passionate, the ones living for the little things, for deep kisses, midnight conversations and adventure. The curious, the creative, the wild.  For the thirsty hearts and the free spirits!

Due to the botanicals ginger root, laraha & mint, Gingerlo gets its earthy and citrus tones and a spicy touch. Taste earthy and citrus notes in the onset, floral accents in the middle section, and the spicyness of ginger in the aftertaste.

The ingredients are subdivided into groups and then subjected to a four-week maceration. This is a pure physical process in which the botanicals are exposed to organic alcohol for a few weeks in order to obtain the natural taste per ingredient. After maceration, these are filtered and finally assembled.

Enjoy a 100% natural ginger liqueur!

Complex taste, easy to drink
What's new





Gingerlo got rewarded with a gold medal at the CWSA international competitions for spirits and wine. 


The CWSA is the biggest & most prestigious wine & spirits competition in Hong Kong. ALL Judges are carefully selected for being the top BUYERS of wines and spirits for this market and are importers, distributors, retailers and sommeliers’.

Wines and spirits enter from 55 countries and are ‘blind tasted’.



S t O

r y /

Taste the spirit, see the world

Started from the bottle, now we're here... What begun as a word play with her name “Gerlo” became Belgium’s first ginger liqueur. The main ingredient? -What’s in a name- Ginger!

And passion.

Surfing in summer, snowboarding in winter… Blame her gypsy soul. Inspired by her past as a professional dancer and snowboarder and by her travels next to flavour experience is put forward. Adventure, passion, (self)love, discover, taste and making dreams come true. 

The feminine silhouette and the dreamcatcher remind us of summer and golden beaches, or rather of romantic nights at the fire? Gingerlo fits every occasion. 


Evelien Gerlo



Do you also want to spread the GINGERLOve?

want to join the gingerlo-family? 

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+32 491 11 16 89

9000, Ghent Belgium 

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